Qingdao  Ohai Biological Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company jointly established by  Aucma Co., Ltd. and State Oceanic Administration First Marine Research  Institute. It is also a national science research center industrial  base. Aucma Co., Ltd., Shandong Province is the first high-tech sector listed companies. State  Oceanic Administration First Ocean Research Institute, is well-known  domestic and foreign marine research institutions, one of the top 100. The  company is located in Qingdao High-tech Industrial Park, the registered  capital of 42.85 million yuan, covering 122 acres, an investment of 150  million yuan, is the first conjugated linoleic acid research and  development, production and marketing enterprises. And  built the first set of large-scale conjugated linoleic acid production  line, the company is equipped with large-scale molecular distillation  device, Denmark Niro's spray drying equipment and the domestic  first-class soft capsules, tablets, hard capsules, granules processing  equipment ,  Through GMP certification, the company mainly engaged in marine  biological products, pharmaceuticals, health products, food and food  additives, cosmetics and feed additives and other products research,  development, production and marketing. The  company's leading products are conjugated linoleic acid products,  including fatty acid type CLA /, triglyceride CLA, ethyl ester type CLA,  CLA microcapsule powder, CLA calcium salt, CLA soft capsule and CLA  feed additive. There  are 7 series of more than 20 kinds of products on the market, is the  largest domestic production, product quality CLA production base, a  large number of products exported to North America, Europe, South  America, Southeast Asia, more than 30 countries and regions, the company  also Production of linolenic acid, fish oil, arachidonic acid and other functional oils.